Writing About WoW – First Day

I am a writer. I write at least 750 words every day and have done so for 193 out of the last 194 days. Today I will strive to write at least 1,000 words.

Yesterday I stated that I will write about one of my passions, the playing of the game of The World of Warcraft. As I analyzed that today, I got a bit “can’t”. I can’t write 91,250 words as I indicated yesterday. It would be so boring for me to repeat over and over about I got a quest; I did the quest; I turned the quest in; I received an award for the quest; I got another quest. Repeat until I reach level cap at 90.

Well, I COULD do that. It most likely would only be of interest to me. But who am I writing for? Why, me, of course. No point made here. Just statement of the fact.

Maybe I can inject more interesting information that just shown above. I won’t know if I don’t get started. So, today, I will begin at the beginning and see where the trail takes me.

The following should be considered as a first draft and not a polished final manuscript entry. Get the ideas down THEN gussy it up.

I own the game. I have it installed. I have all the expansions including the last one which is called The Mists of Pandaria. I may do anything that can be done in the game. Note that I said “may”. This means I have the opportunity to do anything in the game but not necessarily the ability.

The game is a challenge on many levels. My goal will be leveling. Leveling can be compared to growing up in the human world. You start with a little and through experience and effort you may achieve greatness in a number of areas. My greatness in this effort will be to reach level cap as expeditiously as possible.

My first step is choosing a realm. A realm is a computer server where a finite number of characters may be created and played. One usually chooses a realm based on where his friends play. I chose an arbitrary realm where I have friends. I chose Galakrond which has a companion realm called Blackhand. I have friends playing on both.

Next step is a double step – choose a faction and a race. Each faction has 6 unique races with one hybrid race that has a choice. The factions and races are:
Alliance – Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Drarnei, and Worgen.
Horde – Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf, and Goblin.
The hybrid is a Panda which can choose to be in the Alliance or the Horde at about level 12.

I chose a Gnome. Why? I want to be able to play with my friends who play in the Alliance and I like Gnomes who, although small, are just a tough as any other race.

I chose my Gnome to be female because if I’m going to be leveling a toon (used interchangeably with character) to 90, I want that toon to be pleasing to look at. Female gnomes are cuter than male gnomes and there is no distinct advantage from being a male or female character. AND I’m secure in my masculinity.

Time to choose a class. Not all classes can be chosen by all races or factions. I won’t describe that statement beyond saying that the classes are warrior, paladin, hunter, rogue, priest, shaman, mage, warlock, monk, druid, and death knight.

My gnome is a rogue. Not a rouge as is sometimes mistakenly referred to but a rogue.

As a last step in character creation, you are allowed to select from several physical characteristics including hair style, hair color, skin color, facial features, and earrings. I chose stylish gray hair with youthful caucasian features and diminutive earrings.

The final and usually the hardest decision for me is choosing a name. I like to choose pronounceable names, generally humorous and perhaps applicable either to the race or class of my character. In this case, none of the above apply. The first name that came to mind was Damita – not available. Okay, how about Rougita? Little rogue with a Hispanic twist. Yep.

RoguitaI’m now ready to start the game with my Alliance character named Rougita, a mature (remember the gray hair) female rogue with caucasian features.

After talking to a couple of my friends about how they go about power leveling a toon, I’ve decided on the following courses of action.

  1. A character may run instances (aka dungeons) after reaching level 15. I won’t do that. I have always done that in the past but my friends tell me that they level faster if they bypass the dungeons.
  2. I will not do professions until after I reach level 90. It takes a lot of time to do any profession and it takes more time to dispose of gathered or crafted products. I don’t feel real easy about this because of possible gold making opportunities but since I already have other toons on this realm with substantial gold, this is not too much of possible wealth. So, no professions.
  3. I will join a level 25 guild to take advantage of guild perks. When I reach the appropriate guild level, I will buy heirloom gear to speed up my leveling process.
  4. I will bequeath 50 gold to my character from one of my other characters. I will use this gold to buy at least 4 8-slot bags costing no more than 3 silver each.
  5. I will bequeath a Renowned Guild Tabard from one of my other characters to assist in progressing my guild reputation to the level where I can buy heirloom gear.
  6. I will use Zygor Guides, premium guides to help me with a variety of tasks which will be discussed as they occur.
  7. I will use the following addons obtained from Curse.com: Auctioneer, Auctionator, BankItems, Bartender, Pawn, Postal, and Titan Panel. These addons will be discussed elsewhere.
  8. I will either create a bank toon or use an existing toon to act as my banker. A bank toon usually will sell things to vendors or in the Auction House. It will also store items in its bank account for future use. If the main toon mails all loot to the bank toon, the main toon will save a lot of travel time by not having to travel to where the bank toon is located to drop off accumulated loot.

I am ready to begin. And I have written more than 1,000 words in this session.

So, what do you think? Did you read the last post where I made the decision to write about the World of Warcraft? Do you think I’m off to a good start?

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  1. Darn you, Lindsey. Now I’m thinking about playing the game again. Hopefully the insanity will pass and I wont do it.

  2. No, no. Stay insane. Join me. You can manage it by just playing in measured amounts of time. wink, wink.

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